4 He is still a ‘rookie’ at Doornbos, but certainly not in his field. Michael has been working in the high-pressure industry for over twelve years and moved to Doornbos two years ago. To this day, he is sorry... “That I didn’t make the move much earlier!” ‘As service engineers, we are involved in the repair and maintenance of all high-pressure machines and accessories. And not just our own machines from the rental department, but also those from customers. What we do exactly? A range of things really. Periodic maintenance, annual inspections, solving start-up problems, solving problems related to pressure build-up, repairing trailers or a braking system... It can be anything. We sometimes even completely rebuild machines ourselves. In full consultation with the customer of course. Together, we make sure that all their requirements are actually possible.’ Space & freedom ‘As a service engineer you get around. From the centre of Amsterdam to the Botlek. And sometimes even on a ship or abroad. The variety is a lot of fun. The same goes for the diversity in machines and brands. At my previous employer, I worked with the same brand of pump every day. Here you have so many brands and variety. It took some getting used to in the beginning. So I spent the first three months in the workshop to get to know the machines. There are no books to learn our trade, so you really have to expand your knowledge on the job. You get the freedom to do that here. And you also have plenty of room to develop. In six months, I have obtained my trailer driving license, VCA, and my high pressure inspector and vacuum inspector certificate. I’ll probably also start an electrical course soon!’ ‘Call day or night’ ‘Every five weeks or so, you have emergency duty. This means you might have to go out in the evening or at night for a breakdown or repair on location. Now, during my first months in the workshop, I got to know many machines and challenges, but not all of them. So it’s a good feeling to know that I have colleague’s here with a lot of knowledge and experience. And that you can call them, even at night. That says a lot about the atmosphere and collegiality at Doornbos!’ OUR PEOPLE “There are no books to learn our trade ...”