3 OUR PEOPLE Geoff has been part of Team Doornbos for 8 years, starting as an engineer on the jetting side and working his way up to Workshop Manager. His dedication and enthusiasm to his work, is clear for everyone to see, as soon as a problem arises, he’s always the first to say, “let me see what I can do” and you can guarantee if Geoff can’t sort it, nobody can. As well as spending time with his family, on his days off, Geoff likes to keep his engineering mindset ticking by working on cars. Although he’d argue he likes to spend his days off relaxing and doing nothing, we know he can’t switch that engineering brain off and likes to keep busy. “What does a day at Doornbos look like for me? Who knows (laughing) every day is different! Usually, I’ll start at 8am and the first thing I do is get a coffee and do my daily walk round for the jetting planning, which means I’ll see what’s available for hire and repair etc. I then update my service schedule to ensure that the machines are maintained to a high standard. I then allocate the other engineers their jobs and planning for the day. After that, I crack on with my own work, repairing and maintaining the machines, whilst answering any break down calls or responding problems that might arise” “I will arrange for the lads to collect any off-hire machines and we will check them fully on return. We will connect the hoses, guns and any accessories, such rotary jets and tank cleaning jets, to the pumps and test if everything is in full working order. I try to leave the lads to do most of this on their own, whilst supervising and providing any training and help if needed. We will then run up the pump and check it is delivering the pressure it is supposed to.” Geoff is like a proud parent, taking care of the lads, he’s always there to lend a hand and provide support. He always goes that extra mile for his work, colleagues and customers and you will often find him still at work after hours, making sure everything is prepared for the next day, the workshop is locked up and the building is secure before going home. “I started with Doornbos almost 8 years ago and have worked my way up to Workshop Manager, I like the fact there’s always room to grow and support for progression. I’m looking forward to new challenges, with the opening of our Liverpool depot and eventually our purpose-built Teesside depot, which will mean a larger fleet and more jetting engineers for me to train and work alongside.” Geoff Payne - Workshop Manager / Doornbos UK