7 WATER JETTING BY DOORNBOS High Pressure Water Jetting is a technology where water under high pressure is used to clean, remove paint/coating/debris from various types of surfaces or objects, or to cut through steel. Water Jetting key benefits • thorough cleaning results because of high pressures • accurate, because of the ability to adjust pressure to match cleaning requirements • water and time savings, because of efficient technology • no environmental unfriendly additives or chemicals are needed, just fresh water • no heating issues or dust particle exposure by using water jet cutting Determine your ideal setup To be able to determine your most effective water jetting setup, the following factors need to be considered: • Surface characteristics • Surface m2 • Quality of paint/coating layers • Time schedule • Waste water retrieval options Doornbos Water Jetting Experience Doornbos has over 30 years of experience in the water jetting industry with the rental, sales and service of water jetting equipment and accessories and also the delivery of maintenance projects. Rental Ranging from 350-3000 bar, Doornbos has a wide range of high pressure water jetting and vacuum equipment and accessories. Sales and Service When you maintain your own water jetting fleet, Doornbos offers an extensive range of parts, safety accessories and service options for maximum uptime of your fleet and to keep it in optimal condition. Projects With a long history in the global ship maintenance and industrial cleaning sectors, Doornbos has the experience to deliver maintenance projects in any size, from equipment supply, to complex project coordination. Specialist Support Operating water jetting technology can be dangerous and therefore requires preparation and experience. A Doornbos specialist is recommended to assist with your specific water jetting setup, to ensure the safest and most efficient operation. Certifications Doornbos is member of the Stichting Industriële Reiniging (SIR), UK Water Jetting Association (WJA) and European Water Jetting Institute (EWJI). Doornbos is SIR certified and employs SIR certified inspectors to perform annual checks for high pressure and vacuum equipment. The (Ultra) High Pressure and Vacuum department of Doornbos NL is ISO 9001 en 14001 and VCA 2017 certified.