60 For high pressure applications up to 4000 bar, Doornbos Equipment offers a wide range of Parker Polyflex thermoplastic high pressure hoses in various diameters and pressures . WHY BUY PARKER POLYFLEX HOSES? • T hermoplastic is high quality, abrasion resistant and extremely strong material • S trong yet flexible and light for optimal operator comfort • S uitable for pressures up to 4000 bar • U V and ozone resistant • C omply with DIN EN 1829-2 • SIR approved • V arious models are available with a TOUGHJACKET (TJ) protective layer, for improved abrasion resistance • P rotective hoses (if not ToughJacket) available for added safety. Markets and Applications • Pipe/Tube cleaning • Tank Cleaning • Hydrodemolition • Industrial cleaning • Ship cleaning SAFETY ACCESSORIES Type Model Hose connection system Parker Polyflex Lok Special fitting for extra hose flexibility Parker UHP Swivel Fitting Hose Break Protection alongside body TST Protection / Shroud Hose Protection TST Hose Connection Cover Hose Whip Stop TST Whip Stop / Check Protection covers Various sizes HIGH PRESSURE WATER JETTING HIGH PRESSURE HOSES THERMOPLASTIC For sale in: