53 For sale in: Model Amphitec Flex Loader Application Industrial vacuum/pressure installation for vacuuming and blowing dry and wet substances Configuration Skid Max. Capacity 8000 m3/Hr. Vacuum Max 90% Type Roots Blower Power 151 kW Diesel Storage Tank Capacity 12m3 RVS Dimensions (LxWxH) 7000x2600x2600mm Weight (Empty) 9.500kg Weight (Max Allowed) 20.000kg Noise Peak 82 dB Fuel Tank 600 Liter Type Vacuum Unit Skid 8000 ✓ SIR Approved (Where Applicable) ✓ Stand-Alone, autonomous system on container frame ✓ For vacuuming and blowing dry and wet substances ✓ Compact design, with large tank volume ✓ Suitable for a truck with 20” container frame ✓ Also available for fale as an electric unit with or without a battery pack ✓ Dealer UK & Ireland HIGH PRESSURE WATER JETTING VACUUM VACUUM UNITS For hire in: