37 ✓ SIR Approved (Where Applicable) ✓ Standard Equipment Included ✓ Rental Units Include spark arrestor and chalwyn valvle for operation in hazardous areas. ✓ Dealer NL, BE, UK & Ireland Application Ultra High Pressure Pump Configuration Trailer** Power Diesel (Stage V) Dimensions (LxWxH) 4390x2070x2190mm Weight (Empty) 2650 kg Weight (Max Allowed) 2700 kg Noise Peak 85 dB Water Tank 150 Liter Fuel Tank 200 Liter Ad Blue Tank 25 Liter AVAILABLE CONFIGURATIONS* Max. Pressure 2500 Bar | Max. Flow 32 Liter/Min. Max. Pressure 2800 Bar | Max. Flow 18 Liter/Min. Max. Pressure 2800 Bar | Max. Flow 25 Liter/Min. Max. Pressure 3000 Bar | Max. Flow 22 Liter/Min. * Custom Build Pumps Available Upon Request **Familiarise yourself with towing requirements and legal regulations Type High Pressure Pump 2500 - 3000 HIGH PRESSURE WATER JETTING PUMPS ULTRA HIGH PRESSURE PUMP UNITS For hire in: For sale in: