35 ✓ SIR Approved (Where Applicable) ✓ Hot Water Mode ✓ Simple Operator Controls ✓ Standard Equipment Included ✓ Rental units include spark arrestor and chalwyn valvle for operation in hazardous areas ✓ Dealer UK & Ireland Application Hot Water Pressure Washer Configuration Trailer* Power 19 kW Diesel Dimensions (LxWxH) 3646x1747x1735mm Weight (Empty) 950 kg Weight (Max Allowed) 1500 kg Max Heating Capacity 98 ˚C Noise Peak 104 dB Water Tank 500 Liter Fuel Tank 100 Liter KÄRCHER HDS 13/35 Max. Pressure 350 Bar Max. Flow 21 Liter/Min.. KÄRCHER HDS 9/50 Max. Pressure 500 Bar Max. Flow 15 Liter/Min. * Familiarise yourself with towing requirements and legal regulations Type Hot Water High Pressure Pump 350 & 500 HIGH PRESSURE WATER JETTING PUMPS HIGH PRESSURE PUMP UNITS For hire in: For sale in: